Soho Lychee Liqueur

By Gayot Editors

As the first liqueur of its kind available in the United States, Soho Lychee Liqueur makes a fine addition to restaurants and home bars as an ingredient for exotic mixed drinks, as well as straight from the bottle.

Lychees, also known as lychee nuts, are actually fruits with a thin, brittle, red skin that peels off to reveal a grape-like flesh surrounding a smooth brown pit. Their heart-like shape may be why they have been revered as a symbol of love and romance for centuries in Asia, where they are indigenous.

The fragrant, colorless liqueur imported from France is surprisingly smooth and refreshing, with a silky texture. Sipping it neat results in no alcoholic burn, due to its low 42-proof. The taste of the light beverage distilled from Asian lychees reveals a hint of rose petal. Consumers will appreciate its lightness and not so sweet taste.

With the fresh fruit only available for part of the year, don’t be surprised to see more lychee cocktails on menus as the availability of Soho spreads. Try making one of your own.

Origin: France
Price: $18.99 for 750 ml.
ABV: 42%
By: Pernod