Top Tea Products

By Gayot Editors

Kitchen Must-Haves for Tea Lovers

Just because coffee gets all the hype doesn’t mean tea drinking can’t be just as stimulating (and good for you). From special mugs to tea blends and serving sets, GAYOT’s curated selection of tea products provide plenty of unique ways to sip, serve and soak in the popular brew.

For some delicious teas to go along with these amazing accessories, check out our top picks for green and black varieties.

1. Primula Jasmine Flowering Tea

Primula Products Primula Jasmine Flowering Tea

Price: $14.99

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Primula’s Flowering Tea is an experience that appeals to more than just one of the senses.

Blended with jasmine five times to intensify its aroma, these green tea leaves are hand-sewn into clusters and unfurl when placed in hot water. Different flowers are sewn together with the tea, such as marigold, chrysanthemum and lotus, which are believed to possess benefits like liver and stomach aid, skin nourishment and stress relief.

We tried Primula’s Green Tea with Jasmine Flowering Tea and found it to be a delightful experience. Our tea cluster unfurled to reveal a beautiful golden lotus flower as well as a richly fragrant jasmine scent. And despite remaining in the pot for an extended period of time, the tea never became bitter. We brewed the tea in one of Primula’s tea pots, which worked well, but was somewhat of a visual letdown since its flatter shape prevented us from appreciating the taller flower varieties. But despite this, our tea experience was an enjoyable one — not just through taste, but through sight and scent as well.

2. Artazza Teapot and Tea Mugs

Tea Pot from Artazza

Price: $94

Don’t let your cup negate the earthy qualities of your favorite tea. Created with an environmental consciousness, these tea mugs from Artazza are sure to please even the most experienced tea drinkers.

The Swiss-designed and handmade cup, along with its corresponding bird-topped tea pot, is a stylish addition to any tea service. Made from German clay that requires 20 percent less energy to fire and finished with a completely lead-and cadmium-free glaze, the Tea Mug is a responsible consumer choice, and available in eight vibrant finishes. Each piece has a platinum glazed rim and handle, lovingly added by Terra Keramik founder and creative director Felix Vogler.

The mug itself has a sturdy construction and reassuring weight. The handle is a bit small, but our adaptation was quick to the new proportions. The walls of the mug took on the temperature of its contents, so be wary when drinking something that is piping hot.

3. Bath by Bettijo Tub Tea

Bath by Bettijo Tub Tea

Price: $24

Take your tea in the tub, literally, with Tub Tea from Bath by Bettijo.

An all natural mix of herbs and botanicals, the tub tea comes in invigorating Eucalyptus Spearmint or calming Lavender Chamomile. Just stuff the tea infuser with the tea and drop in a hot bath. Or soak the tea egg in a sink filled with steaming water to create an at-home facial. Bath by Bettijo was started at home by former project analyst Bettijo Hirschi in her spare time. Time, energy and persistence have all paid off since Bath by Bettijo has become nationally popular and is carried in stores such as Target and Anthropologie.

4. Bodum Bistro Double Wall Insulated Glass Mug

Bodum Bistro Double Wall Insulated Glass Mug

Price: $25.95

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Made of transparent, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, these insulated inventions contain two mugs in one: an outer layer of glass keeps the mug cool to the touch while an inner layer keeps liquid hot for what seems like forever.

Each mug is mouth-blown by artisans, resulting in a delicate, sophisticated design. Despite their frail look, these glasses are quite sturdy. In addition to being microwave- and dishwasher-safe, they passed our unintentional in-office tests: setting them down hard on a wooden desk, banging them into the refrigerator and knocking them against doorways (these things happen when you need caffeine). In addition to hot beverages, the Bodum Double Wall Insulated Glass Mugs also works for iced tea and other cold drinks, keeping the heat from your hand away from the chilly contents.

5. Bodum Travel Press

Bodum Travel Press

Price: $20

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Taking hot tea to go is fine and dandy if you’re using the bagged variety, but it’s much harder to figure out what to do with loose leaf tea. Bodum’s Travel Press, originally designed for coffee, has found a new purpose with tea leaves.

We poured in a scoop of our favorite loose tea, filled the clear travel mug with hot water, waited a few minutes, twisted on the lid and pressed the mesh plunger to separate the leaves from our beverage. The mesh is fine enough to prevent the tea from over-steeping, and the black grip and easy-open spout make sipping while driving a breeze. The press also works just as well for bagged tea.

6. Casablanca Market Moroccan Tea Glasses

Casablanca Market Moroccan Tea Glasses

Price: $42

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Savor each sip from these traditional Moroccan glasses for mint tea.

We will never forget our first Moroccan meal. Funnily, it was not the food that impressed us most but the tea that was served. The cook came to the table with a gorgeous silver pot and tiny, ornate glasses. Quickly he poured the tea in one elegant movement from what seemed like the distance of a meter. The tea was light and divine. These traditional Moroccan glasses for mint tea, aperitifs or wine are hand finished with gold paint. The tempered glass set features an assortment of colors.

How to Prepare Mint Tea:

Bunch of fresh, organic mint
3 teaspoons green tea leaves (try Chinese gunpowder or Pearl)
sugar or honey

Pour boiling filtered spring water over a handful of fresh mint leaves and the green tea. Steep for five minutes.

Another tasteful option adds 1 teaspoon fresh lavender flowers or orange blossoms in lieu of green tea leaves. Enjoy with a high quality honey or a lump of raw sugar. Bismillah!

7. FORLIFE Tea for One

FORLIFE Tea for One

Price: $37

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With its clean, compact design and built-in stainless steel infuser, FORLIFE’s Café Style Tea for One teapot and teacup set is the perfect solution for the tea enthusiast looking to brew a quick cup before work, or at work!

Its small 14-oz. size makes it ideal for a single serving on the go, while its extra fine 0.3-mm infuser works great with both fine loose leaf teas and large whole leaf varieties. However, don’t be confused by the small size and cute colors of this sleek-looking tea set. The teapot and teacup are both made of a sturdy ceramic and are dishwasher safe (the teacup is also microwave safe). After use, storage is a cinch — simply stack the pot on top of its matching teacup and pack it away until next time! The Tea for One tea set is also available in a variety of bright colors that are sure to add character to any kitchen.

8. Fred & Friends ManaTea Infuser

Fred & Friends ManaTea Infuser

Price: $6.99

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Your tea-drinking experience won’t ever be the same with the addition of this adorable animal tea infuser.

While this little product might not steep your tea as quickly as metal infusers, it still fulfills its purpose. The ManaTea is made from food-safe silicon, is easy to use and surprisingly stable — the cute creature’s flippers keep it from falling into the tea cup. The manatee’s body holds a good amount of tea and works well for medium to large tea leaves. It’s also very easy to clean. This ManaTea infuser is a lovely gift for a fellow tea-lover or yourself, to brighten grim afternoons at work.

9. Le Mouton Noir & Co. Tie Tea Mug

Le Mouton Noir & Co. Tie Tea Mug

Price: $25

Designed by George Lee, founder of Le Mouton Noir & Co., this ingenious product makes tea drinking feel cutting edge.

By the introduction of two small cuts into the rim of a simple white tea mug, your favorite tea bag can be tied around the resulting cleat. Never again will you have to worry about losing the string. We only wonder why no one thought of this before! While it might have been easier to tie the string around a protruding cleat, this far more subtle one has the advantage of safety and durability. But be careful how you hold it! If you’re left-handed and grab the mug by its handle, you might get hot tea dribbling through the cuts in the rim and down your chin or onto your shirt. That said, we still like the novelty of Lee’s design.

10. Pure Inventions Green Tea Extracts

Pure Inventions Green Tea Extracts

Price: $24.95

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These extracts provide a full day’s requirement of green tea per serving.

In addition to apples, a glass of green tea is said to keep the doctor away. But to receive all the brew’s benefits, one would have to consume six to eight cups each day. For those of us who don’t have the time, or the desire, to drink that much green tea, Pure Inventions offers all of the brew’s antioxidants in a slightly sweet, easy-to-mix concentrate.

The extracts are easy to use: just add a dropper-full to hot or cold water, and you’ll get a full day’s requirement of green tea per serving. The tea essence is evident but the flavoring takes center stage. We tried the Peach and Raspberry flavors in our water bottles. The peach was juicy and sweet, with a summery fragrance while the raspberry flavor mixed oddly with the green tea earthiness. Each was a welcome addition to water, but the solutions can also be used as flavor syrups for desserts and other foods. Extracts are available in Original, Peach, Pineapple-Coconut, Raspberry, Tropical and Vanilla.