Order Your Salumi & Truffles and More…

By Sophie Gayot

Once upon a time, Pascal Besset was the executive chef at the U.S. Embassy in Paris. He hails from Nice (sadly, he lost his musical accent from the south of France) and is now in Carlsbad, CA. He has become an expert in producing artisanal salumi. They are handcrafted in the City of Angels, therefore the name of the company, “Angel’s Salumi & Truffles.”

Besset uses the highest grade of elk, bison, venison, wild boar, Berkshire pork and duck to create his salumi, with techniques that remove the acidity to his final and unique products. He has enlarged his array of gourmet goods with truffles in many forms (including butter, oils, purées, salts and black truffle caviar), an epicurean line of Italian extra virgin oils and antipasti, from Frantoio Di Sant’agata D’Oneglia, and European cheeses.

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To better understand Besset’s passion, watch the exclusive video below filmed in his elegant showroom

Says Besset: “Artisanal food is a universal love language, a fun, playful, life-changing way for people to enjoy time together.”

Only the best ingredients

Since the more natural the better, all the game and meats Angel’s Salumi & Truffles uses are free range, cage free or wild, as well as certified free of antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones. The salumi fermentation and aging process is slower, ensuring and resulting in better taste, enhanced by Besset’s extensive professional culinary career and original recipes.

To help you make a choice for your order, spend a few more minutes with Besset watching the video below where he describes his cured meats, charcuterie and truffle butters.