California Restaurants Can NOT Put Foie Gras on Menus

By Sophie Gayot

July, 27th 2020

Some press got the July 14, 2020, Federal Court judgement very wrong: You can NOT have foie gras in a California restaurant, nor can you buy it at any California store.

To be one hundred percent clear to all chefs and resellers, here is the image of page 7 of the judgement. Chefs and resellers, if you want to be able to serve and sell foie gras to your diners and clients in the future, do NOT sell it right now, at least until the next round in this case.

To put it in other words, the consumption of foie gras within the state of California is permitted BUT limited to your personal (and your friends’/family’s) culinary pleasure when the purchase has been made out of state via phone, Internet, etc., and the foie gras has been shipped to you from out of state.

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