It Could Well Be The Best Burger on Earth | Heroic Italian, Santa Monica, CA

By Sophie Gayot

September, 3rd, 2020

Yes, it is true, I may not have tried all the burgers in the world, but the one created by restaurateur Jeffrey Merrihue belongs to the VERY top of the list. Merrihue is so passionate about food — and he is truly knowledgeable about it — that when you speak with him you feel that his life revolves around eating. But it is not simply about “eating,” he is a perfectionist. When he creates a dish, he spares no expense and makes as many renditions as necessary until he is completely and fully satisfied.

I have been following the evolution of his restaurant Heroic Italian, a hidden gem in Santa Monica, CA, for a while. Every time I visit, the food has gotten more delicate and more sophisticated yet approachable and friendly. Proof of this can be found on the outdoor patio he created, because of the current health situation, on the street parking spots in front along Santa Monica Boulevard. Last night, on a mere Wednesday, there were no tables available — I suggest you call for a reservation before heading there for a culinary treat.

He insists that the burger he added on the menu is a gourmet burger, and Italian. He does not want to disrespect street burgers, which by definition are not as elevated, but can be very yummy. The burger is so satisfying that you should not order any side dishes, not even dessert, even though the vegan macarons are a must on a future visit. This is not a burger for takeout or delivery. It takes 20 minutes to prepare, so sit down and relax in the protected booths. Get a full description of the 200 AD Burger by the man himself in the video below.

Says Merrihue: “The 200 AD Burger is the dish I worked the hardest on.”

Jeffrey, can I ask you one thing? Please, do not change the recipe. I am already dreaming of the next time I will have it.

Heroic Italian
516 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401