What table did Julia Roberts and George Clooney sit at Picasso restaurant? | Ocean’s 11

By Sophie Gayot

Las Vegas, NV, May 2020

Some of the restaurants I have dined at in Los Angeles have appeared in movies. On a trip to Las Vegas, I found myself at a restaurant where superstar Julia Roberts tells George Clooney that he is a thief and a liar in a movie scene.

If you’re a fan of “Ocean’s Eleven,” you’ll want to visit Picasso restaurant by the fountains at the Bellagio. I asked chef Julian Serrano for some details, as he has been cooking there since it opened in 1998. The restaurant, filled with actual Picasso paintings, has been named one of GAYOT.com’s Top 40 Restaurants in the US since 2004.

Photo © GAYOT.com

Here’s the scoop: if you want to sit at the actual table where the action went down, you still can. The table known as table 34 is still there; it has no official name, but if you ask for the “Ocean’s Eleven Table,” the staff will know what you mean. Since there are so many requests for the table, it is wise to reserve it well in advance.