Arcodoro and Pomodoro THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Arcodoro & Pomodoro


100 Crescent Court, Ste. 140
Dallas, TX 75201
Cuisine: Italian
Sardinian-Italian cuisine brings a fresh taste of the old-world to Dallas.
Openings: Lunch Mon.-Fri., Dinner nightly


THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Arcodoro & Pomodoro, Dallas, TX

THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Arcodoro & Pomodoro Restaurant Review:

Sardinian food is one of the most distinctive styles of Italian cuisine, relying on fresh, simple ingredients as the foundation of every dish. Under the leadership of chef-restaurateur Efisio Farris, Arcodoro & Pomodoro remains true to its Sardinian roots at the sleek uptown space where homemade pastas, meats and Mediterranean seafood are prepared for diners who don’t mind the fancy price tag. The budget-minded might want to dip into the nest egg for the scallopina al mosto d’uva, tender medallions of pan-seared veal served with sautéed sea scallops for a surf ‘n’ turf combination. Then there’s malloreddus al ragù di cinghiale, which is traditional tear-drop Sardinian pasta with wild boar ragù. Even spaghetti gets special treatment, made by hand and served with fresh baby calamari, grape tomatoes and Leccino olives. The sauces and al dente pastas will make you say “Quonto bella!” every time. The wine list, which is steeped in Italian offerings, many of them Sardinian, is extensive and thoughtfully priced.