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This family-run restaurant resides on an industrial stretch of Van Nuys and features Syrian comfort food.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Kobee Factory, Van Nuys, CA

Kobee Factory Restaurant Review:

Kobee, or kibbeh, as the dish is sometimes known, features an outer layer of ground meat and bulgur, with a filling of more ground meat, pine nuts and spices. At Kobee Factory, the family-run restaurant from Wafa Ghreir, who hails from Homs, Syria, you can find kobee grilled, fried or prepared in a pan. Food is clearly the star at this restaurant, which highlights pastel-green walls and photos of Ghreir’s homeland. Fatee hummus is a good starter: a big bowl of creamy garbanzo bean dip heaped with whole garbanzo beans, fried pita bread, garlic tahini sauce, lemon juice, olive oil and tangy yogurt. Sujuk is house-made Syrian-style sausage, which is well spiced and appears on a crusty baguette with garlic sauce, chopped tomato and pickles. Of course, no visit to Kobee Factory is complete without kobee, and kobee “barbecue” is especially good, with minced jalapeños if you like to dial up the heat.

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