Georges Centre Pompidou Georges
Set atop the Pompidou Center, this modern minimalist venue serves light contemporary fare and affords a famous view over Paris.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Wed.-Mon.


Georges, Paris, france

Georges Restaurant Review:

If it can be said that with its then extravagant architecture Pompidou revolutionized the traditional image of the Museum, the same could probably be said of Georges vis-à-vis the classic concept of the décor of a French restaurant. This sleek room atop the stunning structure is all steel and glass and boasts one of the best views of Paris. At sunset, the golden scenery alone is worth the ascent. The food targeted to be modern and global shows no sign of reaching a comparable altitude. But the menu is printed on a wafer thin sheet, so there is no ostentation in presenting a fare leaning toward simplicity and modernity. Let's travel the Globe with Georges' interpretation of food. Steamed veggies show up next to a vegetarian California roll or a Hispanic gazpacho, but noblesse oblige foie gras guaranteed enough for two is there as well. The béarnaise with the flounder has become Thai, while the cod acquires a tom-yam accent. Beyond the names, we did not find the combination of ingredients to be as disconcerting as they sounded. Indeed these internationally inspired and concocted dishes are rather a pleasant surprise. Mind you: This is more a restaurant in France than a French restaurant. By the way, a blink in the eyes to history: Georges was the first name of former French President Pompidou under whose recommendation the Museum was created.