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Attman's Delicatessen Menu

1019 E. Lombard St. (N. Exeter St.)
Baltimore, MD 21202
Cuisine: Deli / Sandwiches
Still the king of Baltimore's “corned beef row,” Attman's serves it piled high on rye or in any number of combo sandwiches.
Openings: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily


Attman's Delicatessen Restaurant Review:

The restaurant's tagline is pure Baltimore: Authentic New York Delicatessen (Only Better). This city plays second fiddle to none. And neither does its favorite deli. Homemade knishes and latkes, pickles, Bubbie’s matzo ball soup, gigantic kosher hot dogs, and overstuffed combo sandwiches have earned this old-timer its place in the local culinary hall of fame. From brisket-in-a-basket to “The Gay Liveration” with corned beef, chopped liver, Swiss cheese and Bermuda onion, there are plenty of treats in store at this linchpin of the city's "corned beef row." (Be prepared for lines, though.) It’s the best place to get one of Baltimore’s iconic coddies, a fried codfish cake that one eats as a nosh on Saltines with yellow mustard. There’s a party planner on staff, and the in-house Kibbitz Room, which seats 40, is the site of meetings and special events. Also located at 7913 Tuckerman Ln., Potomac, 301-765-3354.

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