Samba Samba Brazilian Steakhouse King Harbor Marina Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Menu

A lively Brazilian churrascaria with a spectacular ocean view and above average barbecued meats.
Openings: Dinner nightly, Brunch Sun.


Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Restaurant Review:

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse is a bright, modern and fashionable place for Brazilian barbecue. Like a typical churrascaria, it features a salad bar, buffet and all-you-can-eat grilled meats, but here, the meats are higher quality than you typically find, and there are more choices. Brazilian bands play weekends on a small stage, and scantily attired samba dancers have been known to shimmy through the aisles to delight diners. Early in the evening, wait on the ocean view terrace and watch the sunset. Later, the bar starts hopping, a good time to linger over an exotic beverage with a paper umbrella in it. Also located at Universal CityWalk, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, 818-763-0101.

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