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Seafood Palace Menu

684 W. Garvey Ave. (Chandler Ave.)
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Cuisine: Chinese / Seafood
Chaozhou-style seafood, with more complex flavors than the familiar Hong Kong-style seafood.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Seafood Palace Restaurant Review:

Screaming is the lingua franca in this compact, crowded place. Chaozhou seafood cuisine is served in the ancestral style from China. Seafood Palace’s house specials include deep-fried crab covered with a sauce of fried minced garlic, chile and scallions. Another specialty is the Chaozhou-style fish, paired with light broth flavored with preserved mustard greens on a tabletop stove, as well as baked squid and braised tofu with bamboo fungus. Flavors are lighter than what you find in Hong Kong seafood houses, but are more complex, due to the use of varied ingredients. Dessert options are limited, with choices like mashed taro root tapioca, boba tea or red bean ice cream.

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