Mother Mother's
33 Virginia Pl. (Allen St.)
Buffalo, NY 14202
Cuisine: Contemporary
Expect plenty of flavor from the food and crowded bar, but not the décor in this little side street eatery.
Openings: Dinner nightly


Mother's Restaurant Review:

If your mother's culinary repertoire included a variety of meats, fish, fowl and vegetables, if she kept a well stocked wine cellar and let you smoke at the table, why would you ever leave home? For the rest of us, there's Mother's. Chef Matt Conroy offers meatloaf with mashed potatoes and pork chops for those looking for home-style cooking. On the specials list, expect to see something spicy, a nicer cut of beef, shellfish and wild game. Conroy likes to combine interesting flavors to create hybrid dishes that surprise. Roast duck comes with julienne celery root, apple and shiitake mushrooms with a currant, roasted pear and port wine sauce. Though tucked away on a side street in Buffalo, Mother's sports a crowded bar, thanks to its regulars. The décor is nothing to boast of---it’s just that the owner is simply more concerned with maintaining this restaurant’s outstanding service, flavorful food, and exceptional wine list that features more than 50 choices of whites and reds marked up only slightly over retail.

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