One Plus One Dumpling House One Plus One Dumpling House

One Plus One Dumpling House

13788 Roswell Ave. (Grand Ave.)
Chino, CA 91710
Cuisine: Chinese / Dim Sum / Noodles
A traditional noodle house with a wide variety of soups, dumplings and pork.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Wed.-Mon.


One Plus One Dumpling House Restaurant Review:

A big menu with low prices draws the locals to this place; its owners used to have a restaurant in West Covina. The small but handsome eatery is in the spirit of the traditional noodle joints found in Monterey Park and Chinatown, where a wide variety of dumplings, bao and other dim sum are piled up on tables. Larger plates include stir-fried lamb, kung pao shrimp and a spicy pork belly dish that further makes this place a pork lover’s paradise. Handmade noodles are plated, fried or put into generous and messy bowls of soup. For something resembling dessert, consider the sweet bean dumplings.

Chef Gabriel Kreuther

Congratulations to chef Gabriel Kreuther! He just earned GAYOT's highest rating. Read GAYOT's article.