Rosaline Ricardo Zarate Rosaliné


8479 Melrose Ave. (La Cienega Blvd.)
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Cuisine: Peruvian
A casual, vibrant venue in West Hollywood presenting chef Ricardo Zarate's traditional Peruvian food.
Openings: Dinner nightly


Rosaliné, West Hollywood, CA

Rosaliné Restaurant Review:

About chef Ricardo Zarate: We have been following chef Ricardo Zarate since he moved to Los Angeles in 2009. We have seen his Peruvian cuisine evolve; it has always been good, and he kept infusing a different twist in each iteration.

The décor: Rosaliné, named after his mother, is no exception to Zarate's inspiration. The restaurant has been completely designed around his sensibilities: a large open space with a ceviche counter; a bar; communal tables; and a back room, terminating in a small patio, which gives a greenhouse feel. Décor elements and textures vary throughout, making it a casual, airy and vibrant venue for friends and family to get together --- and even make new friends.

Likes: the ceviche counter; "chaufa paella," Peruvian fried rice paella-style.
Dislikes: the noise level; too dark.

Food & Drinks: The Peruvian-born chef has composed a menu that he describes as (and we agree) "honest, humble and family-inspired traditional Peruvian dishes alongside street food fare with California sensibility." We suggest you start with one of the house-made cocktails, where Pisco is, of course, well represented. Ordering from the ceviche menu is a must. The selections, which are sold by the ounce, vary daily depending on the catch of the day, ensuring freshness. Then, move on to the small plates with the "causa jar," an eggplant terrine with potato mousse, avocado and botija olive oil, or the "chicharron de paiche," fried Amazonian paiche with yuzu aïoli sauce, or the "causita crocante," salted cod, served in a box like no other. For bigger portions, you can choose black mussels, blue prawns, lomo saltado (sautéed filet mignon with tomatoes and soy dressing) or pork osso buco wrapped in banana leaf. Vegetarians will be happy with the menu heading "Allpa – From the soil," which includes a quinoa salad and beets three ways. But, hold on, because we very highly recommend the "family-style dishes," where the Peruvian fried rice makes a paella like no other. Reflecting the Chinese influences on Peruvian cuisine, it is made with pancetta, la chang sausage, bagoóng and prawns, and topped with a sunny-side egg. Finish with the plum crostada or the semolina pudding. There is a short wine list, and attentive service. Kudos to Zarate for designing the plates.

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