Tuyo Victor Santos Tuyo
This professional (not student-run) restaurant atop Miami Culinary Institute features skillfully prepared, if no longer evolutionary, fine dining fare.
Openings: Dinner Tues.-Sat.


Tuyo, Miami, FL

Tuyo Restaurant Review:

When this restaurant atop the then-new Miami Culinary Institute opened late in 2011, the menus served by Norman Van Aken reflected Miami’s evolution toward a cuisine that’s definitively regional in regard to ingredients and culture. Van Aken and MCI parted ways, and Tuyo’s executive chef is now Victor Santos and menus are very different. Instead of regionally-rooted signatures like crispy-skinned Key West yellowtail with heat-resistant local Malabar spinach there’s crispy-skinned loup de mer with “bouillabaisse-infused” couscous, or North Atlantic salmon with “eggplant caviar.” A creamy and comforting butternut kabocha squash soup with tempura Laughing Bird shrimp (sustainably farmed in Costa Rica or Belize) and sherry-glazed pearl onions demonstrates continued commitment to eco-conscious cooking, but in terms of cutting-edge culinary imagination can’t compare to Van Aken’s orange/saffron-scented white conch chowder with coconut “clouds.” The global wine list includes an extensive selection of unusual West Coast boutique labels, as well as covering all the classics one would expect in a contemporary American fine dining restaurant that offers skillfully prepared and presented, if not groundbreaking, dining.

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