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Check out GAYOT's Top 10 Seafood Wines to find the perfect pair for dinner

Top 10 Seafood Wines
On GAYOT's list of Top 10 Seafood Wines, you'll fine a wide variety of white, red, rosé and sparkling selections to complement everything from sushi and seared scallops to salmon fillet.

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Paulaner's Oktoberfest, one of GAYOT's Top 10 Oktoberfest Beers

Top 10 Oktoberfest Beers
GAYOT's Top 10 Oktoberfest beers showcase some of the best Märzen style brews, allowing you to celebrate German Oktoberfest even if you can't make it to Munich.

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Check out GAYOT's Top 10 Vodkas to find handcrafted vodkas from around the world

Top 10 Vodkas
Gayot's Top 10 Vodkas showcase premium vodka selections from around the world. Whether they're traditionally crafted vodkas from potatoes, wheat or barley, or they take a fresher twist and make them with grapes, these selections are sure to entice any vodka lover.

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Amarula is made from the exotic marula fruit, which grows on trees across Africa’s vast plains

Amarula Cream Liqueur
Amarula is made from the marula fruit native to Africa. While it's part of the same family as mango, cashew and pistachio, we like to use it to make smooth, creamy drinks from the flesh of the fruit. Check out GAYOT's review along with a delicious three-ingredient recipe.

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GAYOT's Top 10 Craft Beers include creative small-batch brews from around the world

Top 10 Craft Beers
While Americans have been drinking microbrews for more than two decades, the artisan ale trend has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. Check out GAYOT's global selection of beers to discover small-batch lambics, monk-brewed doppelbocks and more.

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Le Thiers Sommelier Corkscrew has a linear leverage device that makes it easier to uncork wine bottles

Wine, Beer and Spirits Accessories
Find fun gifts for you or a friend, ranging from the Le Theirs Sommelier Corkscrew to beer chillers to an electric cocktail mixer.

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The Negroni by Gary Regan explores the history of the iconic cocktail, with recipes and lore

The Classic Negroni
Explore this iconic cocktail's Italian roots and American connections (hint: it was born from a drink called the Americano) in Gary Regan's new book. Then try whipping up different kinds of Negroni drinks and desserts from his varied recipes.

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A good bottle of vino has the ability to balance and highlight your beef's flavor profile, elevating taste sensations to an entirely new level.

Fall has beer written all over it. Cool nights call for toasty flavored beers in colors matching the changing leaves.