Best Rums

Top Rated Rums You'll Love

Blame it on Blackbeard and Prohibition-era bootleggers for rum's decades-long snub by high society. Thankfully, things have changed considerably over the years. Rum, mainly produced in the Caribbean, is enjoying a renaissance as forward-thinking distilleries release increasingly high-quality versions that are smooth and palatable enough for sipping. Sure, you can still blend rum into a luscious piña colada or refreshing mojito, but today's best rums can also be enjoyed neat.

The taste-tested bottles featured on GAYOT's list of the Best Rums span a variety of price points, flavor profiles and ages (because older doesn't necessarily mean better). While any of these options are great for cocktails, we also highly recommend them straight up or on the rocks. For even more rum ruminations, be sure to check out our complete guide to rum offering reviews, recipes and more.