The Romance of the Cork

Screw caps or corks?
Screw caps or corks?

by Sophie Gayot

Back in June, I had the pleasure of being a guest on David Wilson’s radio show, Grape Encounters Radio. Wilson’s show is all about wine and the love of it, but he insists he wants it to be fun. A long-time wine enthusiast, his main objective is to tell you how to get the most from your drinking experience. You will not hear him discussing tasting notes, but rather guidance on finding some non-traditional uses for wine, like pairing wine with music.

After a very kind introduction about, which Wilson called “a website that has enough material to keep you busy for the rest of your life,” we discussed the somewhat controversial topic of cork versus screw cap.

Listen to the show to hear our positions. We will be happy to hear your thoughts below.

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Screw Caps or Corks for Wine?