The Summer Heats up with Hell’s Kitchen Season 7

Chef Gordon Ramsay with Sophie Gayot and Alexandre, her son
Chef Gordon Ramsay with Sophie Gayot and Alexandre, her son

by Sophie Gayot


For the third time, will be helping chef Gordon Ramsay on his hit TV show Hell’s Kitchen. In 2008, I was featured in the eighth episode of season 4. In 2009, my brother Alain Gayot appeared in the final episode of season 6. I will return to the program on the season 7 premiere, to be aired June 1st on Fox (8:00p.m.-9p.m. ET/PT).

On the first day of filming this episode, Gordon Ramsay presented the sixteen new contestants: eight ladies on the Red Team, and eight gentlemen on the Blue Team. The second day was the real deal: the cooking and the judging. In his personal style, Gordon Ramsay asked the contestants to do something that had never been done in the prior seasons: complete the dinner service on the very first episode. Did they? You will have to watch to find out. Expect a few more surprises as well.

On another note, I have met Gordon Ramsay a few times, away from the impressive set of Hell’s Kitchen located in Culver City. He is indeed a rather charming person. One day, when I ask him to autograph one of his cookbooks, he refused to sign it for me, but instead dedicated it to my son Alexandre, who wasn’t there that night. Although a busy celebrity chef, Gordon had remembered meeting him earlier. So, despite what you see on TV, he can be very sweet.

Note: Chef Jason Santos, one of the contestants, is offering a special dinner on June 1 at his Boston restaurant Gargoyles on the Square, offering dishes he prepared on the television show. For more about Boston restaurants, read our Boston Restaurant News, Reviews, Culinary Events and Wine Dinners.

4 thoughts on “The Summer Heats up with Hell’s Kitchen Season 7”

  1. How exciting that you will be on Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey. You and he will be magic!!! Can hardly wait to see it.

    Beverly Levitt

  2. I can’t wait to watch—it is important to have smart, interesting critics–I am tired of seeing Ted Allen everywhere. He is so boring, full of himself, not an expert and not funny. I want to hear and see a professional give me the facts and a true critique!!!! Thumbs up to Hells Kitchen for “getting it.”

  3. Hell’s kitchen is such a wonderful show and you are the luckest people in the world for having that time with Chef Gordon Ramsay.

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