Paris, Produce & Purple

By admin
[youtube id=”uu8InEqRYSM”] by Sophie Gayot Fresh off the plane from Los Angeles, I headed to Le 114 Faubourg in Paris with an American friend of mine to show her how a chef can bring brasserie cuisine to a luxurious level. The restaurant is located in the Hôtel Le Bristol and is overseen by chef Eric Frechon, so I was pretty sure that the demonstration would be good. My assumption was confirmed. At Le 114, produce is king. The cuisine, prepared by chef de cuisine Eric Desbordes, is simple, one you can have (almost) every day. Watch my exclusive video interview above with chef Frechon to learn more and see the luxury brasserie.   A few strange things: I happened to be wearing a purple dress, which matched one of the major colors of the restaurant. And we were welcomed by a gorgeous white cat with blue eyes that even came to our table later as if to make sure everything was alright! For more exclusive video interviews, go to’s Chef Interview page. You can click on each photo to enlarge to see dishes from Le 114 Faubourg restaurant menu. All photos by Sophie Gayot.