Best Prestige Cognacs

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The Finest French Cognacs Available

A favorite spirit of business executives, hip-hop moguls and aristocrats around the world, Cognac is deeply rooted to the French soil from which it comes. Distilled from the thin, acidic white wines of the Cognac region and aged to maturity in French oak barrels, this special brandy is a strictly controlled appellation — and rightly so.

The numerous rules and regulations that surround Cognac production help to maintain the quality (and exclusivity) that make the spirit a coveted commodity.

On GAYOT’s list of the Best Prestige Cognacs, you’ll find some of the rarest and most luxurious liquors in the world, boasting centuries-old vintages, carefully crafted blends and hand-cut crystal decanters.

If you’re searching for a more affordable bottle, check out these Cognacs for under $75.


A. de Fussigny L’Heritage