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Emmy Squared

83 1st Ave. (E. 5th St.)
New York, NY 10003
Cuisine: Pizza / Burgers
Detroit-style pizza, a hit burger and more from the Emily crew.
Openings: Dinner nightly


Emmy Squared, New York, NY

Emmy Squared Restaurant Review:

About the restaurant: Sibling of popular Emily, Emmy Squared brings to New York Detroit-style pizza made with a pan-fried crust and a crispy cheese rim, along with a menu of distinctive sides and a specialty burger. The bi-level space is a step above basic pizzeria and fits well into the low-key Lower East.

Likes: Everything.
Dislikes: Hard-to-score reservations.

Food & Drinks: Two dedicated Emmy Squared locations, one in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) and this one in Manhattan (East Village), serve up the rectangular pies, categorized under the headings “Red” and “White.” Unique to this outpost are the Curry Row (reflecting the Little India neighborhood where the restaurant is situated) and the Emmyletta, a knockout white pizza that riffs on New Orleans’ famous muffaletta, here using mortadella, Ezzo pepperonis and olive salad. Ezzo pepperoni, a favorite of owner-chef Matt Hyland, also features on the red Colony pizza, combining with pickled jalapeños and honey. In addition to pizza, you’d be remiss if you didn’t try the okonomi fries, a messy pile of waffle fries topped with Japanese kewpie mayo, okonomi barbecue sauce and bonito flakes; and Le Big Matt, a double-stack Pat LaFrieda burger with American cheese, special sauce and pickles. Mini pies and ice cream are available for dessert. Craft cocktails and a nice selection of European and Californian wines by the glass are offered.

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