One of LA’s Best Patios | Hinoki & the Bird, Los Angeles, CA

By Sophie Gayot

November, 2020

Hinoki & the Bird has always had a special place in my heart. Is it because of its enchanting name, its hidden location, its intriguing décor, its beautiful patio, its food that keeps getting better? When you push open the door (once you have found the restaurant), you step into an oasis (much needed nowadays), especially knowing that you are in the middle of one of the City of Angels’ hardcore business districts.

The restaurant has such a soothing vibe that I feel it should be a special occasion restaurant, one to impress your family and friends. The dishes created by chef Brandon Kida, who has been here since the opening in 2012, are so “LA.” They are a creative combination of Italian, south-of-the-border and Asian flavors — a perfection illustration of Los Angeles’ melting pot.

If you have out-of-town guests who are here for one night only, and you want to show them what Los Angeles restaurants are about, that is where you should take them. But it is also a place you should go and return to casually enjoy a drink and a dish — some of them are staples, like the lobster roll or the Spanish octopus.

> Sophie‘s pick, a dish to remember and should stay on the menu: the bucatini, roasted garlic, parmesan cheese, white soy

Hinoki & the Bird
10 W. Century Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90067