Turkish Kitchen Turkish Kitchen

Turkish Kitchen

386 Third Ave. (E. 27th & E. 28th Sts.)
New York, NY 10016
Cuisine: Turkish
Exotic cuisine featuring pan-fried phyllo stuffed with feta, chicken stuffed with green peppers, and Turkish baklava.
Openings: Lunch Mon.-Fri., Dinner nightly, Brunch Sun.


Turkish Kitchen Restaurant Review:

Painted in red, gold, blue and violet colors and decorated with lavish kilim rugs and brass objects, Turkish Kitchen is a sensuous setting for an exotic dining experience. An entire meal could be made just from the starters (such as the grilled eggplant salad) and a crusty loaf of the oversize sesame flatbread called pide. Sigara boregi, pan-fried cigar-shaped rolls of phyllo stuffed with feta cheese, are cooked until they're crisp and golden. Main courses include puréed eggplant topped with baked cuts of lamb, char-grilled whole striped bass, stuffed cabbage, kebabs of lamb and chicken, poached beef dumplings served with a garlic yogurt sauce, and tilapia filet baked with butter, white wine, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. Also worth trying is the ground chicken, seasoned with spicy red peppers. A side of homemade yogurt will help ease the garlic and pepper overload. Try one of the tart Turkish Kavaklidere wines with dinner and, for a nice finale, the thick Turkish coffee with a dessert of honey-drenched baklava.

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