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[youtube id=”J3PfA3z9f9c”] by: Sophie Gayot There are two ways to talk about Maison Richard, culinarily speaking. It’s a restaurant open 7 days a week (except Sunday night) with non-stop service from breakfast to dinner, but it is probably more famous for its pastries, based on über chef Michel Richard‘s recipes. Let’s not forget the croissants, brioches and apple-turnovers (chaussons aux pommes in French). And that’s where the trouble starts — all the cakes look delicious. Do I really have to choose? Because, honestly, I just want to try one of each, and take croissants home for breakfast the next day. Some dieticians say that the best way to enjoy the taste of (good) food is with small bites and limited servings. After too much indulgence, the sensation gets diluted and you just eat for eating and not for savoring. I think this makes sense, so it looks like I’ll be making many return trips to Maison Richard! Watch my exclusive video interview (above) with co-owner Thierry Hennequin. For more chef and restaurateur interviews, visit the GAYOT.com Interviews page. You can click on each photo to enlarge. All photos by Sophie Gayot. Cafe Maison Richard Restaurant French Bakery on Urbanspoon