A Surprise Gem on Fairfax Avenue | ADKT, Los Angeles, CA

By Sophie Gayot

You are in for a real treat at ADKT

Los Angeles, October 2023

• GAYOT’s Rating15/20
• CuisineFrench / Asian
• Open: Restaurant Wed.-Thurs. 6:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 6:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m.; Bar until 2 a.m.
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531 N. Fairfax Ave. (Rosewood Ave.)
Los Angeles, CA 90036
323-591-0035 | View Website

The name of the restaurant says it all. If you are wondering what “ADKT” stands for (and I am sure you are), the full illustrated explanation is below.

“A” like Art

I have to admit Fairfax Avenue, especially that part of it, is not my favorite street in Los Angeles. The restaurant is situated between two unattractive stores, especially so at night when their storefronts are protected with iron curtains.

The light and red canopy stand out. It feels good to enter, discover the marble floor, the crystal chandelier, the staircase with its golden iron railing and the red walls covered with paintings, photographs and mirrors, lit with lamp shades from the ’20s. Let’s see if you dare to sit on the swing in front of the wine case.

At that point, you are ready to enter the dining room. Surprisingly, it is quite a large one, and a beautiful one. Ernest Hemingway could well have written his book Paris est une fête (A Moveable Feast) and gathered with his friend Francis Scott Fitzgerald here. I am sure he would have liked the décor where red holds an important role. I salute the white tablecloths, as they always bring elegance. A touch of modernity is brought by the black and white tile floor, the ceiling and the chairs. Most of the seats are inviting, ample and comfortable velvet booths that are hard to leave. A blossoming cherry tree takes center stage of the room where paintings adorn the walls. On one side, mirrors enlarge the space.

“D” like Drinks

You can very well come to ADKT just for the bar and its libations. Considering its size and the number of the back-lit bottles, it is easy to imagine that the list of drinks is endless. While there are some specialty cocktails, like Bisou Bisou or Le Petit Chou Chou, the mixologists can execute any of your liquid dreams.

“K” like Kitchen

The impression of the dinner at ADKT feels like a good movie. You leave, you know it was good. Then you start thinking about it more deeply and come to the conclusion that it was actually very good. ADTK is a project by restaurateur Mathew Cape. As he is très French and a longtime Angeleno, he conceptualized a short French menu with Asian accents, elegantly presented, mostly on white and gold plates embossed with the restaurant’s logo.

Every dish is a hit, but the ADKT Seaboard should really come to your table. It is composed of oysters, scallops, bigeye tuna and Maine lobster, which can all be ordered individually.

You may also start with the Japanese Sea Bream, a tartare with mango passion fruit gastrique layered on a basil cilantro gazpacho; or the Wagyu Beef Tartare, accompanied with Kaluga caviar and bone marrow.

The fish dish I got to try was the Chilean Sea Bass served with a white vermouth and butter sauce topped with Kaluga caviar. From the land, there is Poulet Fermier, Carré d’Agneau, and a 32 oz. Tomahawk, but the Chateaubriand is really what you should order. It is a marinated six-ounce Black Hawk Farms Wagyu paired with pearl onion confit. Perfectly cooked, it melts in your mouth. This course could be an “excuse” to return to ADKT, if you need one.

For the sweet ending, two classics are featured with the Chocolate Mousse and the Apple Crumble. The Berry Variation, which is a red fruit Champagne granité, is fun. Do not rush through them, and for two reasons. First, because they are delicious; and second, because it would signal the end of the evening. Considering the vibrant and sexy (let’s say it) atmosphere, I am sure you will want to stay as long as you can.

“T” like Tunes

Mathew Cape has worked in the music business before. His love for the pleasure of the ears is still strong. Add his connections and expect live concerts in this section of the restaurant that is on a higher level and is transformed into a stage for the performances. Most of the other evenings, there is a live DJ. Count on the music to add to the festive atmosphere. By the way, the sound system is really good.

ADKT, between the décor and the food, or should I say the food and the décor, is a perfect restaurant for romance and great times with friends — do not consider it for a family gathering 🙂.