2022 Best Wine Bars in Paris Area

Where to Drink Wine
in Paris

A good wine bar serves a wide spectrum of customers, from neophytes who can't tell the difference between a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc to experts who want to try a glass of a new release before buying a few cases for their cellars.

At these Top Wine Bars in Paris, presented in alphabetical order, you'll find a good selection of wines as well as knowledgeable staff and, where available, some well-paired food.

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Bistrot du Sommelier
A bistro presided over by sommelier Philippe-Faure Brac. See More
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Les 110 de Taillevent
This offshoot of Taillevent offers French cuisine and no less than 110 wines by the glass. See More
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Les Climats
Installed in an Art Nouveau setting is this gastronomic restaurant boasting an impressive wine cellar. See More
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After wandering around the maze of wine for a while, don't miss the namesake restaurant and bar on the first floor. See More
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Mini Palais
Dine in style at the Mini Palais after visiting the Grand Palais. See More
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A handsome wine bistro in the middle of the passage des Panoramas. See More
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French, Brasserie, Wine Bar
Le Train Bleu
In the Gare de Lyon, this venerable vestige of the late nineteenth century promises a dazzling décor and satisfying classic French food. See More
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Sauvignon Blanc wines

Sauvignon Blanc wines are crisp, dry, aromatic and extremely distinctive. See GAYOT's top picks.