Maison de Champagne Laurent-Perrier | Tours-sur-Marne, France

By Dirk Smits

The Laurent-Perrier House was founded in 1812, when André Michel Pierlot settled in Tours-sur-Marne as a negociant of Champagne wines. He purchased the plots within this village that we now know as Laurent-Perrier. His son, Alphonse Pierlot, took over the House but eventually bestowed it upon cellar master Eugène Laurent.

In 1887, Mathilde Perrier took the helm after her husband’s accidental death in the cellars. The Champagne House was renamed Veuve Laurent-Perrier combining both her and her late husband’s names. Mathilde had a strong, pioneering character that can be seen in the 1889 launch of the House’s sugar-free “Grand Vin sans Sucre,” a precursor to today’s Brut Nature or Zéro Dosage wine.

She brought the business much success, restored its finances and kept the House going throughout the Great War. In 1939, daughter Eugénie Laurent sold the estate to Marie-Louise de Nonancourt, whose descendants are still in charge today.

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