The Tiato Kick

By admin
[youtube id=”VKJsQdiCvW0″]   by Sophie Gayot   Last weekend, I went to have a family brunch with my brother at Santa Monica’s Tiato, the latest restaurant from the An family. Also known as the House of An, they own Crustacean in Beverly Hills, molecular gastronomy-influenced AnQi Gourmet Bistro in Costa Mesa, and Thanh Long and Crustacean in San Francisco, which is where it all started in 1971 after they moved from Vietnam. It was just supposed to be a quick stop for a review, but the whole An family was there, and the patio was so inviting that we ended up spending five hours there. We toured the herb garden with Catherine, discussed (in both French and English) the Vietnamese herb tiato with chef Helene, and watched Elizabeth interact with clients while Hannah made sure that everything was going smoothly for the first brunch weekend. Papa was there, but he claimed he’s not involved at all (and does not want to be)—he prefers tennis and golf. But let’s not forget why we went there in the first place: to try the items from the menu. We liked chef Helene’s Asian influences, particularly what she does with the tiato leaf. You get a kick in your mouth every time. To learn more, read the review I just wrote about Tiato restaurant. Enjoy my exclusive video interview with the Ans, which will give you a different perspective on the restaurant. We suggest making reservations for your own family brunch! Keep coming back to for more about Los Angeles Restaurant News, Restaurant Reviews, Culinary Events and LA Wine Dinners.   You can click on each photo to enlarge. All food shots by Sophie Gayot.
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