Best Romantic Cocktails

By Gayot Editors

The Best (Easy) Romantic Cocktail Recipes

When it comes to celebrating a memorable occasion for you and your special someone, drinks are always in order. Plan a night in and mix one up together or go the surprise route and show off your cocktail-making skills. (We won’t tell them how easy these recipes are.)

Either way, you’ll be saying cheers in no time with GAYOT’s Most Romantic Cocktails. And let’s not forget a romantic gift to mark the occasion.

> If you really want to elevate the mood, pair these cocktails with foods from our list of Top 10 Aphrodisiacs.

1. Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

No need for a bouquet of flowers when you have this gorgeous drink.

1 1/2 oz. gin
3/4 oz. hibiscus syrup
3/4 oz. lemon juice
2 oz. sparkling wine
Edible flower

Shake gin, hibiscus syrup and lemon juice. Pour into a wine glass and top with sparkling wine. Garnish with edible flower and lemon twist.

Courtesy of Rodrigo Fabian of defunct Church & State, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A

2. Cruzan Valentine’s Sparkler

Cruzan Valentine’s Sparkler

This lightly sweet cocktail is easy to make yet thoughtful and detailed. It’s romance in a glass.

1 1/2 parts Cruzan Aged Light Rum
1 1/2 part vanilla simple syrup
1/2 part unsweetened fresh cranberry juice
2 parts sparkling wine

Combine all ingredients in a Champagne flute and stir twice. Garnish with an orange peel cut in the shape of a heart.

3. The Seductress

The Seductress

This sultry, sweet and sparkling drink from iPic Theatres® features Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, the exclusive Champagne of the Oscars®, and makes any moment a special occasion.

Chilled Champagne flute
4 oz. Piper-Heidsieck Cuvée Brut Champagne
1/2 oz. chilled passion fruit purée
1/2 oz. chilled ginger syrup
1 oz. chilled Aperol
Red rose petal

Chill a champagne flute. Fill with Piper-Heidsieck, add chilled passion fruit purée, ginger syrup and Aperol. Gently stir and top with a red rose petal.

4. Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita

This delightfully pink cocktail is garnished with dark chocolate. La dolce vita, indeed.

3/4 oz. Campari
1 oz. Half & Half
3/4 oz. Crème de cacao
1/2 oz. raspberry eau-de-vie
1 spoon raspberry preserves

Shake and strain into a glass and garnish with shavings of dark chocolate.

Courtesy of Pamela Wiznitzer of Seamstress, New York, NY, U.S.A.

5. Endless Love

Endless Love

This easy-to-make cocktail is sure to make a sweet impression on that special someone.

2 oz. vodka
1 oz. lemon
3/4 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz Luxardo maraschino liqueur
Splash of cranberry juice

Shake vodka, lemon, simple syrup and liqueur together. Add a splash of cranberry juice and garnish with a cherry and lemon twist.

Courtesy of D’Vine Lounge Bar, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

6. Heart Day

Heart Day

Monarch Rooftop Lounge’s Executive Mixologist Genese DeBeaux created this delectable cocktail in celebration of love.

1 1/2 oz. Stoli Vanilla
1/2 oz. agave syrup
3/4 oz. lime juice
1 oz. pineapple juice

Shake vigorously and strain over fresh ice. Rim glass with brown sugar and garnish with 3 raspberries.

Courtesy of Monarch Rooftop Lounge, New York, NY, U.S.A.

7. Clicquot Rich & Rosemary

Clicquot Rich and Rosemary

Light, refreshing, bubbly and pretty. What more could you ask for?

5-6 large ice cubes
2-3 sprigs of rosemary
Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé Champagne

Place 5 ice cubes in a large wine glass, top with Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé, and finish with fresh sprigs of fresh rosemary.

8. The Red Lotus

The Red Lotus

This delicate, sweet cocktail is made for two with vodka, lychees and fresh raspberries.

3 oz. vodka
2 oz. lychee juice
1 oz. Grenadine
8 muddled raspberries
6 lychees
1 1/2 tablespoons of fine sugar, simple syrup
Splash of cranberry juice
Splash of Sprite
Edible orchid

Fill a 50 oz. glass bowl halfway with ice, 6 lychees and 6 raspberries around the bowl. Continue filling the glass with ice to the rim. Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and shake with ice until well blended. Strain and pour into the bowl, top with Sprite and garnish with an edible orchid.

Courtesy of Yamashiro, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A

9. Hemingway in Love Daiquiri

Hemingway in Love Daiquiri

This luscious libation pays homage to Ernest Hemingway’s drink of choice, the daiquiri. This version uses Muroise liqueur to make it extra seductive with a rich, vibrant flavor and tart, clean finish.

1 1/2 oz. light rum
1/4 oz. Muroise du Val de Loire (loganberry liqueur)
1/2 oz. grapefruit juice
3/4 oz. lime juice
1/4 oz. simple syrup

Combine all ingredients together in a shaker with ice and shake. Strain into a daiquiri glass. Garnish with fresh lime and blackberry.

Courtesy of Red Bar & Lounge at Hotel Irvine, Irvine, CA, U.S.A.

10. White Lady

White Lady

Lady or not, this classic cocktail is bound to impress your sweetheart.

2 oz. gin
1 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
egg white (optional)

Combine all ingredients with ice in a mixing glass. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

11. Any Which Way But Left

Any Which Way But Left

This cocktail will satiate your drink and chocolate cravings in one.

1 oz. Jägermeister
1 oz. Aperol
1 oz. Brovo Amaro
Chocolate Molé Bitters
Grapefruit Peel

Combine all ingredients together, stir & strain into rocks glass over fresh ice and garnish with chocolate molé bitters and a grapefruit peel.

Courtesy of Matt Friedlander at Fool’s Gold in New York, NY, U.S.A.