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10 Hot Spots for Dining
Le Cinq
Penati al Baretto
Le Petit Pergolèse
Qui Plume La Lune
Restaurant Frédéric Simonin
Restaurant KEI
La Scène

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Closed Restaurant Reviews

They might be gone, but they're not forgotten. Browse through our closed restaurant database for Paris to reminisce about your favorite eateries from the past. Marc, we'll miss you.

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Paris New & Notable Restaurants
Tired of the same-old, same-old? Looking for a new favorite dining spot near you? Check out the Top 10 New & Notable Restaurants as well as our round-up of all the New Restaurants in Paris that have opened recently.

Paris New & Notable Restaurants

Paris Restaurants
Paris, France: touted for its fashion, architecture, landmarks, parks, gardens and its world-renowned cuisine. The city's culinary reputation exceeds almost all others with its unbeatable French baguettes, pastries, wine and cheese. There are thousands of restaurants to choose from in Paris, and locals expect visitors to take their restaurant choices and meals as seriously as they themselves do. While most restaurants in Paris are quite pricey, the rich, hearty food is worth it. But there's not just heavily-sauced French food available at Paris restaurants and bistros. There are plenty of other cuisines available at Paris restaurants as well, including some prepared by the world's best chefs.

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